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Ako ingin dikenali sebagai GyneFredd. Mana entah ako dapat nama ni ako pun tak tahu. 

Ako pernah la ada blog berdomain. Konon nak try lah ada blog official sendiri. Last-last, ako sendiri tak serius berblogging. Update pun sangat lah jarang kerana sibuk dengan kuliah dan IM. 

So let's get to about 'about'.

This is a personal blog, covering unspecific niches. I try to cater wide range of readers around my age. What I had learnt that day I will pour into writing. It could be amusement like music, fashion, my favourite and hateful tv shows. Stupid stuff, I know right? I am a quirky girl, wearing hipster fashion to college, be in favor of independent movement and a big fan of Revenge tv show. This blog is also my travelogue and of course bunch of personal crazy-stupid stuff of my own too. 

I am always be in learning process. I am such total noob when it comes to investment. I chase financial freedom and something like boring-to-you gold, or property or whatever smart investments are things that catch my attention real quick. I am targeting to be a millionaire before I am 30. InsyaAllah.

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